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Theory vs Practice

coaching Nov 18, 2022
Theory is the cognitive knowledge of what to do. Practice is the experience of how to do it. The masters say that wisdom is achieved through the balanced combination of both.
Many of us give ourselves satisfied with only one. We either know things intellectually or through experience. I believe that both run short. Of course, doing it gives you the experience and that experience can be embodied. However, once you understand the science behind your actions everything takes a bigger and deeper dimension of knowledge.
Aristoteles already in old Greece talked about this subject. The difference between Sophia, theoretical knowledge, and Phronesis, practical wisdom that comes out of the use of the knowledge.
The reason why I mention this is because many of us think that the mind acts only in the head, but the truth is that the way to apply the mind is through the body. The body is the part of us that interacts with the environment. What we pursue is embodied knowledge or Wisdom. 
If you want to get really good at something, come out of your head and start taking action. 
"Theory without practice is foolish: practice without theory is dangerous"
Ancient chines proverb

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