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The Zone of Genius protocol.

coaching Aug 30, 2022
I would like to share with you the steps I would take to step into the ZOG
  1. Visualize a clear target. We need a target!! In my case the target was an optimal body-mind state. Not the winning of the match but the process of playing the match correctly
  2. Activate my body so the energy I produce matches the demands of the moment. For me is focused intensity with the right amount of relaxation. Your heart rate is a great indicator of your activation level.
  3. Breathe until my emotions are balanced, I need the adrenaline but it has to be at a healthy level. All this energy has to be pointing towards doing my best at every moment. No excuses. Your breath is the bridge between your mental processes and your body. your breath is the gate to the present moment of awareness.
  4. Detach. When you get into this state, the Zone of Genius, your limits get blurry, so in some moments you perform a bit above what you thought it was possible and you grow. You experience the expansion that you did not know was possible. You understand that your limits are not your limits, they are self imposed. The necessary effort becomes effortless. That happens only on the other side of the mountain, it's a by product of going through the valley of pain
'Don't wait for competition to do this process, do it in practice'

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