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The Power Of Habits: How To Change Your State Of Mind By Changing Your Habits

Mar 15, 2022

Our life is an endless circle of daily habits and rooted beliefs. The monotony has become a lifestyle, or as we may also call it, a ritual. 

People become prisoners of their defeatist thoughts. Everyone surrendered to negativity and failure and accepted their interim reality. 

But "Failure is not anything more than the interpretation that we give to a result; therefore, it only exists in our mind. This means we can stand up and play the next point, realizing there will always be hope to do it better the next time we try." That is what Jose Antonio Fernandez, an ATP Tour tennis player and a high-performance coach, stated in his book "Evolve Your Game."

Whether you are in your journey of establishing good habits or negativity becomes your ritual, it is all a state of mind.

This article will guide you through the power of habits to enlighten yourself and change your state of mind forever. 

What do we mean by "Habit"?

In its simplest form, a habit is something you do regularly. It could be anything from brushing your teeth before bed to working out. Of course, you can also say it is something you do because it is comfortable and familiar. But unfortunately, your daily habits and beliefs will shape your life; it will become hard for you to come out of your comfort zone and change your habits.  

A simple daily habit can affect your state of mind. How is that?

Let's say you tend to give up on something from the first try assuming you're not good at it or it is not meant for you. Your whole life will be affected by this behavior, and it will be a daily habit. Now imagine how many practices you have developed during the years; at the end, "We are a product of our own habits and beliefs."

Adopting a particular way of thinking is just the result of your daily habits and beliefs. In fact, "Our unconscious mind is going to do everything possible to align our 

beliefs with the reality of our experience and results." Thus, it becomes like a ritual, where you are spiritually connected and convinced with a particular state of mind.

There are good and bad habits, and the key to a happy, successful life is having more good habits than bad ones. That's why your daily habits are crucial to changing your state of mind.

Why should we develop positive daily habits?

Successful people are successful because they have habits that help them achieve their goals. Therefore, developing good habits is key to reaching your goals, growing personally and professionally, and feeling fulfilled.

Life is about trying again and again until you reach that satisfaction, and you won't feel satisfied without developing positive daily habits. It is not easy to stay on track and keep these habits, but you can build your positive habits with discipline and patience. As the Persian proverb says, "Patience is a tree whose root is bitter, but its fruit very sweet."

Patience and discipline are essential ingredients for your habits development process. Unfortunately, nothing significant is achieved from one day to another. Everything requires a strategy.

An excellent strategy to develop your daily habits is the "SMART Method."

  • Specific: define precisely what you want to achieve. 
  • Measurable: You must be able to measure data. 
  • Attractive: you have to be passionate about your goal.
  • Realistic: It must be within your actual possibilities.
  • Time based: It should be achieved within a specific time limit


This method will help you specify your goal; the daily habits that you want to build and develop. It will get you to keep your feet on the ground while thriving on seeing your progress daily. 

The change will appear in your body and your actions. With good habits, you will have clear skin and a healthy body, a happy soul, and you will be more thoughtful and sedate.

This will help you be more productive and maintain a good relationship with your surroundings. In addition, it will open your eyes to new perspectives and change your view of the world.

The power of these positive daily habits will change your state of mind, therefore, your life forever.

What do we mean by "a state of mind"?

Your state of mind is your mental attitude or mindset. It's the filter through which you see the world. It determines how you interpret events, beliefs and react to challenges. As a result, your mindset has a massive impact on your success. Your state of mind is not fixed or static. It can change over time, and you can change it deliberately. The way you think about yourself, your abilities, and your prospects for the future all contribute to your mindset.

Your mindset is shaped by the daily habits you practice. For example, if you are a pessimistic person, that's because you only respond with negative news and let it control your mind and ruin your day. But if you are a competitive person, that's because you challenge yourself to finish your daily goals and enjoy your quality time in your daily habits. 

Your state of mind is your daily ritual; you are spiritually connected with this way of thinking, and upon that, whether you enjoy your healthy growth or drown in the negativity. 


How can we benefit from our daily habits to change our state of mind?


"The next step is taking massive ACTION towards your objective."

Your actions are your daily habits, and your objective is your state of mind. Thus when we make a conscious effort to practice positive habits every day, we can see a radical change in our outlook on life. 

You need to create a step-by-step process that helps you use your best resources to get what you want. In this process, you should:

  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses: Technical, Mental, and Emotional. 
  • Become honest with yourself and accept your weaknesses
  • Develop a strategy that fits your type, emphasizes your strengths, and minimizes your weaknesses. 
  • Work with discipline on your consistency and fighting spirit


With the help of the SMART method, this process will guide you to shape your daily habits and change your state of mind. As a result, a better quality of life is the most beneficial thing you can get from changing your daily habits.

The word "habit" is a magical word that holds power to make a massive change. And our habits primarily determine the way we think. Our daily routines profoundly impact our moods, thoughts, and overall state of mind. Hence, if we want to change how we feel, we need to change our habits. So what are you waiting for then, Start now and change your life!


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