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It’s about your Decisions

coaching Dec 18, 2021


The STRATEGY/TACTIC and TECHNIQUE of the game are two very important areas of the game itself. This is what follows the interpretation of the perceived information.
So let us start seeing the difference between STRATEGY and TACTIC.
STRATEGY is the way you play, your plan and identity (Macro). An example can be “Aggressive base liner”. TACTIC are the action stepsyou will take to impose your game strategy (Micro). Example (Move your opponent side to side)
Decision Making is present on both STRATEGY and TACTICS.
On STRATEGY defining and deciding how you are going to combine your individual strengths and weaknesses profile to create your Blue Print.
    • The NET: is the first obstacle when we play tennis, that forces us to try to do two things:
      • Make contact with the ball above the NET (between hip and shoulder)
      • Hit from low to high.
    • Time:  consider if we have more or less time to think and execute.
    • Moment:  the score in tennis is very peculiar as some points weight emotionally more than others. “Big Points”.
    • Space:
      • Court positioning | self + opponent
        • Contention,
        • Creation or
        • Definition.
      • Movement in the moment of contact
        • a) forward, backwards, sideways,
        • b) long or short distance moving distances
The next one we will see the execution of our strategy and tactics.

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