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How to identify a Good High Performance Coach?

May 15, 2022
Coaches are just humans and also make mistakes, one of the differences are that their experience and knowledge helps them to avoid making some of them. I’ve interviewed several great coaches trying to identify the:
Qualities of a Good High Performance Coach | BLOG
1.      A formal coaching education that goes for at least 12 months.
Coaches need to understand some of the theory behind what they teach.
 2.    High-level Competition Experience
In order to understand with more precision what a student feels, it helps to have felt it as well. Mental strength is something you develop by being on the trenches not by talking about it.
 3.    Coaching Experience
It takes a few years of trying and making your own mistakes and experiences to improve your level of accuracy.
 4.    Passion for What He Does
This is the intangible that helps you to persevere when the going gets tough and look for a way to turn it around.
 5.    Track Records
Success leaves clues. A good high performance coach has had some level of success with his students. Even at different levels, look how much the coach helps his players to improve.
 6.    Consistency on his Work Teaching Fundamentals
Fundamentals are what make the real difference. Talent or gifts are individual but there are a lot of components that are shared by many people. A coach needs to know what those are.
 7.    A Coaching Philosophy
Over the years, a good coach creates his own set of beliefs, something he stands for. Mostly they make the effort to put them in a guide or system by way of methodology, book, video series, etc.
 8.    Communication Skills
Understanding of the human nature. Over the years they have developed the ability to listen and empathize with their students. Asking the right questions at the right time in order to provide feedback.
 9.    A Great Level of Self-awareness and Self-mastery
They stay humble in the middle of success or failure. They have their own values and want to provide value beyond the boundaries of their work. Encourage their students to develop autonomy and responsibility for their actions. Give the gift of freedom to take decisions.
10.   Open Mind
And finally an open mind to keep on growing and learning from others and from every new experience. You can repeat a process a thousand times but maybe on rep. thousand and one you come to a realization you haven’t seen before.
One of the most important objectives of a good High Performance Coach should be to create trust and improve the life of his students.

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