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Honesty, a guiding star

Sep 07, 2023

Mother Teresa said once:
"I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me."
So, let's approach this situation from the opposite perspective: honesty.
Deep in their hearts, most parents want their children to cultivate virtues through tennis: discipline, emotional control, perseverance, and many more.
When the time for competition starts, winning becomes a very central element of the game, which is ordinary and obvious. Nobody wants to lose. The question is, what are you willing to do to win a tennis match?
When kids play at a lower level, and, sorry, junior tennis is a lower level, it is the right moment to start creating good sportsman habits like the ones I mentioned above, including honesty and sportsmanship. The fact is that when someone makes a bad call, they might think they are being clever, and nobody will notice. If you play tennis professionally, your eyes are well-trained to see the lines, so your mistakes are few and rare. So, a pro outside will notice your bad calls; I am sorry to enlighten you.
We all are responsible for teaching our kids the virtues we can acquire through tennis.
We live in a world where success equals happiness, which means winning also equals happiness. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily true. Science has proven that the development of character and the self makes a human being happy. The ancient Greek philosophers used to say that the higher purpose in life was to achieve happiness; they called that eudaimonia, self-actualizing (intrinsic happiness), and that the way to accomplish that was by cultivating Arete, which means excellence and virtue.
Wouldn't it be a more achievable goal to aim to improve the self? Self-mastery, which includes honesty? Something to think about....

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