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Effort and Learning

Dec 18, 2021

The question here is how to approach “training”. What could be your mindset in order to make faster progress and most importantly, to apply it when it really matters.

Effort: exertion of physical and/or mental power
Learning: to gain knowledge of or skill in through study, instruction or experience. A consistent
change of behavior towards an activity.

“Let’s say you start your warm up on small court and you pay attention to the small details, you try to do a clean job, getting sideways, controlling the ball, having good contact, starting to move progressively until you are ready to move back”.
This is only an example to where we can start doing the things right or not. You can be in the same situation and be talking fully unfocused and just doing it as an automat.
Effort is probably the detonator of learning, no effort equals random learning. When you focus on doing the things right and the right thing with discipline and on a consistent basis, you are less prone to let distractions get between what you do and your learning process. Distractions can have many faces, some are very visible and some are in disguise. Anger can be a distraction. It can take your focus from what you are doing to what you wish you would be doing but you are not being able to. Here the only recipe is to go back to effort and to what you are doing.
In the days motivation is lower, for whatever reason, you go back to your standard commitment and you do the same effort as in your best days. This is something you get habituated to through repetition if you want to keep on improving.
Effort is particularly challenging on situations that don’t come easy to us, but specially there they are more important than ever.
In reality the concept of effort and the consequence of better learning is so simple….but not for everyone easy to execute. Effort equals better learning.

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