Entering the Zone of Genius encompasses entering a transcendent state of being, where creativity, productivity, and fulfillment reach unparalleled heights. It is an extraordinary realm where your innate talents converge, allowing you to tap into your fullest potential and unlock boundless possibilities for growth and self-actualization.

We help you understand what is the fundamental goal to perform at your best and enhance the quality of your inner experience, developing your personal blue print based on your strengths-weakness profile.

About your Instructor

José Antonio played on the ATP tour for 12 years, reaching a career-high rank of 202 in 1991. During this time, he was a member of the Chilean Davis Cup team (1986-1992). In 1979, he had the privilege to win the Orange Bowl World Championship for Juniors.

After retiring from the pro tour, he started his coaching career focusing on the human inside of the tennis player. In his 25 plus years as a coach, he spent 15 years as Director of Tennis at one of the most prestigious clubs in Germany. After that he created SPORTmind© where he aspired

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What is the Real Target?

We tend to think about goal setting in this way: I set a great goal, work for it and once I achieve it, I will feel great, I will be happy, I will be complete. My experience and science says that we have it the wrong way. The first work we need to do is to create the inner environment of feeling great, being happy, connected and complete. Then and only then we have a better shot at achieving our desired outcomes. Our first and most fundamental work is to learn how to create our Zone of Genius and relate to our practice from that state.

And if we think, it is pretty obvious. Every tree depends on the quality and characteristics of the soil to bear the desired fruits. If the soil has a bad inner environment, the tree will most probably not bear the expected fruits.

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The Fundamentals

Discover the secrets to unlocking your full potential and achieving extraordinary results with the Fundamentals of Peak Performance course. Developed by renowned performance coach Tonio Fernandez, this comprehensive program will equip you with the essential tools and strategies to master your mindset, harness the power of focus, optimize your energy, develop winning habits, and create a personalized performance plan tailored to your unique goals. 

Real Target

The state of optimal experience is what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is best known for and what he dedicated his career to understanding: “The flow experience was described in almost identical terms regardless of the activity that produced it. Athletes, artists, religious mystics, scientists, and ordinary working people described their most rewarding experiences with very similar words. And the description did not vary much by culture, gender or age; old and young, rich and poor, men and women, Americans and Japanese.

The Meaning of a Ritual

The difference between a routine and a ritual is the content. The form could be the same but the content is what sets them apart. In my case, developing new practices around my breath, my sensations, a closer connection with my body and a sharper and better directed mental focus were the source of my inner transformation. Mastery, is the ritual of creating the internal body-mind state to perform at our best to the requirements of the situation.

The Quality of the Experience

This process not only transformed the quality of my inner experience while playing tennis, it also improved my external achievements and it had an important impact in my life as well. I consider this to be my biggest GIFT to the younger players and probably one of the greatest gifts of high performance.

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