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The not to do list.

coaching Aug 31, 2022
We are consistently thinking and asking ourselves what to do and the easiest way to do it. But have you slowed down and asked yourself what not to do? what are the things that would have the biggest impact if you stop doing them?
I believe that list is a pretty important one and I want to share may list with you
  1. DON'T Start the next point while still angry!
    1. you will probably lose the point if you don't calm down. The odds are against you.
  2. DON'T entertain negative language, even the non spoken.
    1. Language is how we create reality, so create instead of destroy.
  3. DON'T Try a winner down the line from behind the base line.
    1. This has always been a low percentage shot. It was in the 70's and it applies today as well!
  4. DON'T Hit drop shots while moving back.
    1. Drop shots are good when you take time away and surprise, if you move back you create more time for your opponent. Simple and easy to understand.
  5. DON'T Hit 2nd Serves to the opponent's forehand on a consistent basis.
    1. You get on the defense right from the first shot. Not good
  6. DON'T Miss the first passing shot instead of making your opponent volley.
    1. You"ll never know if your opponents net game is good or bad if you don't make him/her volley.
  7. DON'T Hit backhands from the center of the court.
    1. This is very personal but I feel you can create better angles and hide your shot longer if you choose your forehand in the center of the court.
  8. DON'T Stay in the same court position after you hit a good deep shot
    1. Anticipate and capitalize on your good shots!
  9. DON'T Miss the first shot after your serve.
    1. Be attentive and use your opportunities. Don't open the door to an easy break.
  10. DON'T Do things you don't know!!!
    1. Try these in practice but in competition, do what you do best!
What is your list?
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