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Redefining High Performance

coaching Dec 04, 2021
What is exactly what we call High Performance?  Is that something that presents as an external result? Or is it an internal attitude?
After many years in search of High Performance but specially trying to understand what it is and where it comes from, I’m starting to find a somehow different and non conventional definition of the term.
High Performance is not a result but a state of body-mind, is not found on the outside world but on the contrary is anchored on the internal universe.
Is not something you conquer once so after that it’s always there, it’s more something you have to earn on each and every moment and we have to learn and memorize the parts that unleash it in order to get there when necessary.
How often has it happen to you that while performing at your best, something happens that takes you out of that state and it wakes us up and our performance drops?
How many times have we seen this in other competitors? Including the ones we are used to see performing at their best on a consistent basis.
When we underperform, we feel that we are way too much in our heads and very little present.
What I observe is that the mind make us aware of something called “attachment to the results”, limiting beliefs about yourself and therefore non productive emotions that come out of these thinking processes that don’t support high performance.
To think about the future consequences, like results, or how others are going to see you, are future projections. Thoughts like how am I going to see or feel myself in the future, have the power to transports us to unpleasent experiences from the past that can make us believe that we are going to repeat the same experience. Both of this ways of thinking take us far away from the only place where high performance occurs: HERE and NOW,
And if HERE and NOW is the [lace where High Performance lives, what does that have to do with the result? To my understanding nothing at all. High Performance has a lot more to do with the kind of experience we are experiencing and with who are we becoming in the process.
Of course there are facilitating tools that help us get into that state, but this tools only run efficiently if the operating system, to name it this way, is built on a solid base. If it’s not like that we will always have it run and perform unstably.
As a conclusion, High Performance is achieved working on yourself from the inside to the outside, strengthening your spirit and your character to face all kind of situations that appear on the exterior world.

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