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Mental Toughness

Mar 10, 2022
"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?" RUMI
I have heard so many people talk about the importance of being mentally tough. In theory, everyone knows it. Per definition, mental toughness is being resilient against challenges, being able to handle pressure and to trust that you can do what you say you can.
"It also means in sports, being physically tough. Mental and physical toughness go hand in hand. This is what separates average from excellence"
In my experience what happens here is that the majority of athletes don't engage in an honest disciplined practice to develop this important skill so when the challenge arises, they react with anger, fear or any other kind of distraction that doesn't lead to the objective, which should be " perform at the best of my possibilities"
I hear very often all kinds of explanations why this or that is the reason of my poor mindset, bad bounce, wind, bad strings, opponents etc. I have been a victim of this as well so I am not pointing fingers...the truth is that it doesn't matter what reasons you have to "lose your ideal mindset"and besides that, nobody cares.
The mental tougher guys can handle all that, therefore they can express more of their potential.Many players get stuck here and never take the next step of taking responsibility for their actions and stop finding "explanations" for their lack of it.
Where are you at in this aspect? are you training your self mastery or are you being led by circumstances?

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