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It takes a whole town to raise a child

Dec 18, 2021

Collaboration is a big one if we talk about hight performance. Coaching is a team effort. In the center is every single player as the most important actor. The coaching staff should be the one guiding the process. Other players are also part of the equation, even if not all of them are going to get to the same destination, it is very important to have a group of players to interact and push each other.  Parents are the pilar that sustain the whole system, helping the young player to develop values that promote growth. Parents are also very often the ones that carry the financial responsibility of the process.

Collaboration: the act of working together

The key to a good collaboration is for sure communication. These two factors will strongly influence the quality of the information that is being given and received by the player. Listening and accepting different perspectives from the people involved in the process to create a more inclusive idea of the player we want to develop. There has to be however, one person that acts as a filter of the collected intelligence that the player needs to receive.

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