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Analyze and understand your outcomes

Dec 18, 2021


The interpretation of your results is a key element to keep on elevating your developmental process.
  • Analysis | Data and Measurements in order to Understand Your Game.
    • Performance Analysis | Status Quo. Where are you right now?
    • Goal Achievement Percentage | GAP | How much percentage of your previous GOAL were you able to achieve?
    • Quantitative | KPI | Collect all relevant hard data to measure your progress.
      • Physical (Speed, Coordination, Strength, Endurance, Flexibility)
      • Rankings and Results
    • Qualitative | Coach Observations | What feed back are you becoming from the experts leading your process?
      • Video Archive to compare. See what has changed.
        • Tactical | Consistency and Activity
        • Technical
        • Serve speed and % | Returns
        • Footwork | Movement | Effectiveness and Efficiency
    • New learnings. See what resources are now available for the next circle.

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